1. Company run by nephew of Sri Sri having more than 36 crores follower worldwide. That’s Kinda 5X more than our Ramdev Baba.
2. Value migration from traditional FMCG products to Ayurveda / herbal / natural products going forward.Ministry of AYUSH promoting Ayurveda products. 
3. Company’s main product OJASVITA is health drink. This product has huge potential to catch market share of total Rs 11000 crores market of health drinks. At national level there are few brands like HORLICSboost , COMPLAN etc
4. Company  started aggressively focusing from devotee to non devotee base by expanding distribution channel across modern trade, general trade, franchise etc at national level. 
5. Till last year company sale was largely from their Devine shops only. With low base and store expansion it can expand very fast.
6.  Baba Ramdev effects and aggression makes the other similar players focus more too.Company has increased sales and marketing team as well as gradually increasing advertisement budget. Considering the above I checked in the company which has absolutely massive potential. Happy investing folks.


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