As Ramdeo Aggarwal says, and I agree that you should be in the business of increasing your income. Rest of the compounding wonder will happen and if you save 50% of your monthly income, then in 10-15 years time, your investing would overtake your day job income, assuming investment does grow above 10-20% cagr. Nobody makes 50 billion $ or for that matter 1 billion $ by 21% CAGR or 25% CAGR without a healthy dose of capital.
There can be as many ways to get that healthy dose of capital, options, lottery, gambling, horse racing, lotto, shorting gold, but for the most it will be their current day job / professional roles.
So, you should focus on your day job and increase your professional income, Buffett did this by running partnership and earning 25% share of gains above 6% hurdle rate, in an era when stocks were on bargain in 50s, 60s. I believe Ramdeo Agarwal also made most initial capital through this Broking business that he started in 1992 and then Harshad Mehta rally.
You should make the best of the situation you are already in. Instead of dreaming of full time hockey, cricket, arts, investing, painting, music or another hobby. You can gradually drift into it, and obviously have the ability to say no to people, organisations, roles that you choose by developing your skill and specialization so that you are in demand, there is no short cut.
Rather than dreaming about the day when you have enough to retire, you should be a) skilled, so as to be in demand b) improve your attitude with people, be thick skinned or ignore people you do not like, by gradually or immediately distancing yourself, c) don’t be a baby, have the ability to take bricks thrown at you to make a foundation out of it, just as you expect the business you buy to have capacity to suffer d) keep the long term goal in mind, e) subjective, but should be comfortable alone for as long as required f) have simple life and high thinking, g) avoid people who show off and satisfied with materialistic way of life.
That way you can travel light, far, and roll the snowball.


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