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How well some of the stocks are positioned to make a bullish move if market trades sideways/holds up/rally
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Science of Stock Price Action Video Book

There is a logic that stocks follow when they make big moves. I have tried, to sum up, those concepts in a methodology called Science of Stock Price Action.

Do these concepts work all the time? Absolutely not. But when they work – they reward in a big big way. There are many factors at play primarily the overall market environment. The objective of my website is to put forward many Live case studies before you so that you can learn how these patterns work and why sometimes they fail too. The whole idea is to illustrate and make you understand the whole logic behind it.

If you find my work interesting – I will encourage you to buy the book and access Premium Case Studies. The idea is to demonstrate live how patterns unfold and work. They succeed, they fail but the whole process is real fun. I invite you to be part of it.

Disclaimer – The state of the market notes is Deepak’s perspective on the market. The column is purely for educational purpose. Nothing contained herein is a solicitation to trade or a recommendation of a specific trade. By reading this publication you agree to make no trade relying in whole or in part on the comments of the writers.

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