In this highly inflated market, it is hard to believe that the combination of Sasta (economical) and Sundar (high quality products) actually exists in real. This has been every common man’s wish. Most of our problems would be solved if we could get the right things efficiently, and of course, economicallyDoubt if the political parties understand the citizen’s concern, the startups are always going to relieve you in some way or the other. And is one among them.

Another bright day! Another inspiring story!

Statistics from two incredible reports on Indian Healthcare Domain will shock you! One of them stated that 25% of the drugs sold in India were fake. While the other claimed that a chunk as large as 65% of the entire population does not have any access to consistent or affordable health care. Isn’t it scary and alarming?
Mr B L Mittal, now Founder and Executive Chairman of SastaSundar Healthbuddy Ltd. was also taken aback and his conscience forced him to find out what was going wrong in the system. And interestingly, after his study he found out that India is one of the largest producers of generic medicines and is blessed with an extremely talented pool of doctors. The cause of the problem is big but simple. Lack of Connectivity.
And that is when he decided to troubleshoot this problem, which involved the leveraging of efficient digital connectivity. Thus, they started the company with the mission of forming a digitally connected circuit in India with an affordable and convenient access to healthcare products.
Based out of Kolkata, is building a digital network of healthcare, managing efficient pharmacy and wellness products’ supply chain. It is also connecting doctors, diagnostic services, healthcare clinics, and health information services. It is an Online to Offline (O2O) model, which has imbibed a unique and innovative model of “Healthbuddy” that provides consumers with the personal attention of pharmacists for counseling.
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Meet the Team of

Mr. B L Mittal founded the startup with Mr. Ravi Kant Sharma, CEO of It is very humble on Mr B L Mittal’s side to say, “Our young and energetic team has made the largest growing digital healthcare platform with a growth rate of 222% in FY 16 and 72% in FY 17 (YTD 9 months). Each and Every member associated with the SastaSundar family, indisputably forms an integral part of its mechanism.”
Mr. Dheer Singh working as the CTO and Mr. Vinay Khaitan, who holds the position of CIO, leads the tech-team. The team also consists of experienced people coming from Pharma Industry, Warehousing, and Supply Chain Management domain. Presently operating with 425 employees and 166 health buddies, they intend to expand to pan-India market very soon!
The team at shares a unanimous belief that engagement is the key to reach out to target consumers. Moreover, in a country like India, it is pertinent that all startups should include online as well as offline mediums of consumer engagement. The startup mainly relies on two marketing strategies to engage with their consumers:
Online process – App and Website, Counseling using health information services by “Know Health”, Gaming Quiz – Digital Feedback and Connection, Data Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.
Offline process – Healthbuddy counseling, Health camps.
Their statistics speak of positive results when 90% of orders are received from existing consumers on monthly basis.

Startup’s Viability- Conquering Challenges and Its USP

By means of high-quality services, the startup is competing with a few reputed and trusted online and offline channels of Healthcare management. Their USP lies in the core value of the startup, which is, “Being Genuine”. As claimed by the startup, it provides genuine health care at an affordable cost and in a convenient manner.
The main challenge faced by and it is still facing is to impart the idea and knowledge of healthy living. They are having problem in creating awareness.
And the statistics of revenue and acquired users will speak about how good is the company in conquering challenges and fighting competition. Within only three years of the company’s operation, the company has shown tremendous growth. Currently, has an annual GMV run rate of Rs155cr (US$23.5mn) and it is processing more than 1.5lakhs orders per month.
Mr. B L Mittal gives insights on the plans of the company. He says, “Our Vision 2024 is making way for to launch and distribute Pharma and Wellness on a global scale. Additionally, we intend to employ this socially impacting project of ours to change the life of millions with health and happiness. My sole motivation is the idea of empowering a billion Indians with consistent healthcare in a convenient and affordable manner.”

Attention People!

We all have had enough lessons from leading personalities and influencers across the globe. Mr B L Mittal shares about things that must be incorporated from a child. Yes, you read it right. From a child.
  1. Innovate and explore the unknown: Weave the threads of imagination into an experiment.
  2. Connect emotionally with trusted people, have a common goal, and work with aspiration and thoughts.
  3. Be Content and Focused: Keep parity in thoughts and actions.
  4. Live in the Present: Employ whole-hearted efforts.
  5. Fearless Relationship: Love and believe.
  6. Be Accountable: Scale heights taking up responsibilities.
  7. Build to rebuild every idea.
  8. Treat Equally: Bring unity and peace by discarding the man-made discrimination.
  9. Acquire Knowledge: Feed and intensify your endless cycle of curiosity to grasp more.
  10. Think Big Act Small: Pursue your dreams with contentment.


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