There are Indian companies that are focusing on technology related to banking, insurance, antivirus software etc which will be hot favourites in the future.
Ramesh Damani explained that in the present environment of mobile computing, cloud computing, internet of things, regular laptop use, etc, desperate countries like Iran, China etc are launching malware and virus based software attacks on institutions, corporate, stealing IDs etc. So any company that helps you in protecting your database, protecting your confidentiality will tend to well Ramesh said.
He emphasized that all devices such as laptops, PCs, mobile phones, internet of things and industries etc need protections and so companies addressing this need will make for good investment opportunities.
It may be recalled that Quick Heal had issued shares in the IPO of February 2016 at Rs.321 each. The issue size was Rs.451.3 crore and it was oversubscribed 10x. However, thereafter, an ugly spat between the Company and Manohar Malani, a shareholder regarding alleged fraudulent transfers of shares, spoiled the sentiment and has sent the stock price tumbling to the CMP of Rs. 228.


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