There is a Mustard Oil big company KS Oil Mill Agra, UP. When Demonetisation happened, Sanjay Aggarwal its Managing Director shown his intelligence and Thus he used his 5000-6000 workers to save his Black Cash. What he did is he distributed all black cash to his workers cash in the range of 2-3 lakh and ask them to Deposit in their bank Account.
All workers deposit that and after Nov 20, 2016 they Daily withdraw Rs 4000-Rs 8000 based on rule from Bank and give it back to Aggarwal ji.
Aggarwal ji whole money become white and He was happy.
On This 27th September 2017 Income Tax raided KS Oil Mill Office in 4 places and Ask all workers How they got money. All workers submitted that Sanjay Aggarwal asked them to do so in affidavit. Sanjay Aggarwal when got caught then accepted the presence of Rs 200 crore Black Cash. All Account Books gets audited and Income Tax took all money.
Similar Raids happened to Gagan Company – Famous Dalda and Ghee Manufacturer and Right now Raids are happening in Kanpur and Agra at very rapid pace.
Leather Manufacturers and FMCG Manufacturer are being raided at rapid pace and the information is that more than 20000 crore is on radar.
This News will never take Media space. This Post is a slap on those who said Modi did nothing – All Black become White. Let me tell you very frankly – Go to ED and IT Twitter handles they are raiding daily and seiging all money at bullet speed.


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