On 22nd July 2017 (Saturday), I visited GIP Mall in Noida and my purpose of visit was to check how MRVL and Modi Natural are doing. I entered into Lifestyle wherein we have got Being Human shop in shop. I decided to speak to someone else apart from Being Human sales team, hence I selected one sales guy standing nearby outer and started asking about the top brands sold here….His reply was, the best brand here on the floor is – Tommy Hilfiger followed by this Being Human, US Polo etc. According to him Being Human is a well respected brand considered as premium quality with high value. It seems sales guys work work for branded apparel get paid more than the one who work for lifestyle in house brand. Regarding Being Human brand I also got similar feedback from sales guys working at Tommy Hilfiger counter. 

After that I decided to go to Garden Galleria Mall where Being Human exclusive outlet was there. Here I saw, clothing from Men & Women both. Few accessories like sleepers, shocks etc were also there but cloths for kids were not available. When I spoke to sales guys working at Being Human which started only 18 months back in Garden Galleria mall, they said that “Once you try our apparel you will not go for others”. Looks like there is stickiness in their product. I decided to buy few cloths and try it so that I can feel the difference, I bought 2 shirts and 1 jeans with 50% OFF sales offer, I paid 4K to get all these. In my personal opinion the quality looks good and I feel nice wearing them, I may be biased on this opinion because I hold the shares of this company. When I read feedback register kept near the counter in this outlet, I didn’t find anyone complaining the quality, except one who was upset due to some 10% discount not given in his final bill.

Please find above the picture which I took while sitting outside the outlet. Overall my experience was good and I can see there is huge potential for this business to grow because next to this outlet there was an outlet with some name whom even I didn’t know. We intend to go to a place which is somehow related to us. Even when I was talking to my CA and referred being human, he said yes I know that it is salman khan’s brand. A free publicity comes with association with salman and positioning of this brand as premium will fulfill the aspirations of young Indian. My take is, in next 5-10 years, this brand is going to command valuation not less than Rs 5000-6000 Cr which is almost 50 times returns in 10 years!

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My next plan was to check how Olivee Oil from Modi Natural is selling in Big Bazzar. For this I walked down to the Big Bazzar and found that it is flooded with Golden Harvest Brand of Rice, Dal, Aata, Sugar & spices and many more which you can think of. Here I found that “Future Consumer Ltd” is trying to push their brands in Big Bazar. It’s like an effort to make private level which will become brand of future. Just think that next generation is likely to treat “Golden Harvest” as a brand catering to food. They have got “Nature Fresh” brand of oil & many more items. It looks like Future Consumer Ltd is either manufacturing or outsourcing almost all types of food products and labeling it with their own brand and selling thru their own outlets. In my personal opinion “Future Consumer Ltd” which is Rs 7000 Cr company has got all merits to become Rs 70,000 Cr company in next 5-10 years time, it’s growth of 10 times in 10 years!

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Now, I moved further and went to Olive Oil zone in Big Bazzar, here I found that few sales guys were aggressively selling Olive Oil from delmonte brand. I called them and enquired about Olivee Oil which is 20% Olive and 80% Rice barn oil from Modi Natural. Here one sales guy said that, “Sir, these are the oil bought by most of the retailer because it is affordable and one gets the feel of olive also”, with 5 ltr pack there was 1 ltr free offer going on. Although no one picked this olivee oil in front of me but it seem one rake was full with such oil. Sales guys over there were suggesting me to go for Saffola or Sundrop oil which anyway has got better market share compare to Oleeve from Modi Natural. This 150 Cr Mcap company can do well in future and command valuation of 1000 Cr down the line 5-6 Years, which itself is 6-7 time returns. 


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