Olympia Industries Ltd (Mcap = 207 Cr)
  • Company has equity shares of approx 50 Lacs wherein promoters hold around 70% stake, rest 30% is with public.
  • Promoters issued 26 lacs pref shares at Rs 45 and right now slowly converting them…..with this their shareholding will go close to 80%.
  • Stock trading at 270 levels, while the promoters issued pref shares at just Rs 45, they actually pledged their shares to buy more shares.
  • PARESH BHAGAT looks like Owner, Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd holds 2.5 lacs shares which is 5% stake and his shares are locked. He might have received shares thru warrants or pref shares.
  • MEENAKSHI KANOONGO holds 1 lacs share and 1.5 lacs warrants, combining together it is again 2.5 lacs same as PARESH BHAGAT shareholding, it’s locked again.
  • Out of 26 Lacs warrants, around Sept 2016, approx 5 Lacs warrants were issued to above 2 investors at Rs 45 per share and rest are issued to promoters.
  • After complete dilution – Promoters holding will be 35 + 21 = 56 lacs (74%) shares and public will be 15 + 5 = 20 lacs (26%).
  • Free float shares are only 15% which is just 11 Lacs shares in the market.
  • Promoters has increased their shareholding to the maximum limit…..

Fredun Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Mcap =42 Cr)

  • Around 23.5 Lacs equity shares, promoters hold 17.5 lacs shares which is 75% and rest 6 lacs shares which is 25% public. 
  • Bank of India hold 75K which is 3% share and one public SUDHABEN MANHARLAL DOSHI holds 62K shares which is 2.5%
  • Company has Mcap of 14.35 Cr and share price of 61rs. It’s surprise to see that promoters are issuing 5,72,735 shares at Rs 150 which is worth 8.5 Cr, who is paying such kind of money is not knows?
  • Shareholding pattern after pref issue where total share will be 29.22 lacs, promoter = 17.5 lacs (60%) and public 11.72 lacs (40%). One big investor will be holding 20% stake in this company, who is this guy? 
  • With this share capital will increase to around 30 lacs share @ Rs 150 it will re-rate this company to 43 Cr Mcap.
  • Going thru the annual report of 2015-16, Chairman Mrs. D.N. Medhora, a lady who is 70 plus, seems to be well educated and award winning personality. 
  • Looking at the board it seems young son whose name is Mr. Fredun Medhora (remember the company’s name also starts with him) holds MD position.


    Mr. N. B Medhora

      Jt. Managing Director

        733, Katpitia Building, Parsi Colony,

          Road No. 4, Dadar, Mumbai – 400 014.

            Dr. (Mrs.) D.N. Medhora

              Chair Person Cum Jt. M.D.

                733, Katpitia Building, Parsi Colony,

                  Road No. 4, Dadar, Mumbai – 400 014.

                    Mr. F. N. Medhora

                      Managing Director

                        733, Katpitia Building, Parsi Colony,

                          Road No. 4, Dadar, Mumbai – 400 014.

                            – All Independent director are doctors.

                              Dr. Raimalwala Aspi Navroze in Mahim, Mumbai – Gynaecologist & Obstetrician Doctors

                                Dr. C. K. Shah

                                  Dr. Rohinton Adi Kanga

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