Companies are like human body, there are a lot of process, operation going on within the body. Same as companies input raw material, we also feed the body with food, water, positive environment to generate the output. As all the operations and activity a body does is controlled by mind similarly for the company it is controlled by the top management, board of directors. To the company top management, board of director is same as the brain is to body. There are a lot of examples around us which shows what a sound brain can do. It can bring the energy in to human body to do things one would have never thought of having the capability of doing that, it has made a paralyzed man one of the greatest scientist of all time, without it who would have thought of light, a leadership with sound mind can make a country great. Whereas, a sour mind had destroyed great kingdoms, it can bring the misfortune not only oneself but the people near him.

Similarly, people sitting at the top in the company can make the company run or ruin. From Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, Dheru bhai to Ratan Tata, be it in India or any other place on this planet it is the people and their vision which has brought fortune to their people.

Vikas Ecotech is one of such company which has a leadership with sound mind. The company is provider of high-end speciality chemicals. In FY 2017 company generated revenue of 387.65 Cr Rupees up by 20% from FY 2016. PAT stood at 23.17 Cr Rupees. Net profit margin is 6.23%. Vikas Garg, Promoter and Executive MD of the company took over as Managing Director in 2011. Since then market price of the share rose from 3Rs/- to 22Rs/- at a CAGR of 40%. Point to note here is despite being the CEO of a company which is making profit of 23 Crores, he is taking only 7 lakh rupee to home. The remuneration he take home is less than what a normal MBA graduate without experience from a tier II college might refuse to work for. It is just one point to show his dedication for the company.

There are a lot of such companies available in Indian market where people put in all their efforts grow it. Look at what Narayan Murthy has built.


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