Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, to spend the rest of your life like most people can’t! 

  • Leadership changes, large players will go away and new players will emerge. New age businesses will try to being market close to customer.
  • Paper boat, Fog Deo, Patanjali etc are the only 3 brands evolved in last 10 years. Only platform are the one which got evolved in last few years.
  • Un-organised to Organised – Like Dairy Companies, Plywood, Plastic, Tableware etc.
  • Urban to Rural transition companies.
  • We should stop paying much premium to large scale old businesses because in next few years young small companies will scale up and reach more than existing brick and mortal companies.
  • Don’t invest in Pharma companies where risk of FDA is high or don’t run behind solar energy or wind energy companies just because coal demand is going down. Structure of these companies are not in place.
  • EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) companies which are new without much previous debt or burden are likely to get advantage due to huge expenditure in infra like metro, road etc
  • To chase the outcome, you need to chase the quality and consistency of input. 

JHS Svendgaard – An Oral Care FMCG Major In Making

– This company has suffered near death experience due to high debt and contract breakout, so they have experienced the pain and are likely to do right thing in the future.
– Nikhil Vora has stake in this company, I was listening to one interview of Nikhil Nanda wherein he said that “In Tiwan there was a company which use to manufacture components of top laptop brand in US, after sometime that top brand company got down but today this component manufacturing company continued to grow and it’s revenue has crossed the revenue of top brands”.


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