I remember my first heavy fall, I was four years old at the time. It hurt so much, I stayed down till they (my cousins) came to pick me up. Fast forward, sixteen years later, as a young adult, I fell while having a not-so-serious fight for supremacy with a friend. I was injured but immediately got back up because I shouldn’t even be down. Reading between the lines you find a clear difference between these two scenarios.

At some point in our lives we all fall; in relationships, businesses, academics… even as parents we fall sometimes. (By “falling”, I mean to fail, loose, break down etc.) Falling isn’t the issue anymore but how you get back up and how fast you do it. Personally as a young entrepreneur, I have failed so many times; from wrong timing, to poor execution, to being rejected, name it. I sure must have seen it all, but I never give up my gun, I keep doing what I know how to do best, even better. And for each time I failed or was disappointed, I was determined to learn and overcome that mistake.

How do you view failure? How do you view life from the bottom? I learnt from my favourite TV series that failure is only just a realisation that you are down, that you have done something someone else’s assessment does not conform to.

NBA All-time favourite, Michael Jordan once said “I CAN ACCEPT FAILURE, EVERYONE FAILS AT SOMETHING. BUT I CANNOT ACCEPT NOT TRYING”. So failure isn’t the end of the world, there are many popular failures we know about, let them inspire you.

For all the times I hit rock bottom, the only silver lining I knew was to get back up. Success is like a ladder to the pinnacle that everyone is on, because you get stepped on or pushed down to the ground doesn’t mean you shouldn’t climb again and keep climbing till you reach your goal. Set goals that seem impossible to achieve, try achieving them, fail if you must, but don’t stop trying. Try until each level becomes less hard.
Here’s what I normally do, you could try it too;

– Set unimaginable goals.

– Try to achieve them.

– Fail (sometimes).

– Try again.

– Keep trying till I get it right


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