We are all spiritual beings trying to experience limited awareness that can be enjoyed via human sense organs and organs of intellect and mind. Thus we are not ‘only’ human organisms but more than that at the same time. On a time lapse photo shoot over millions of earth years, one would see life forms evolving, all organisms evolving slowly or fast to something else, including ‘humans’. Thus every species is transient on the surface of manifestation. If you have followed what I said, do you see the futility of saving a physical species of a rare bird by spending millions of dollars which could be spent on another project ? Cosmic mind already has the blueprint of all species.
One needs to take a mental leap to first admit, maybe its possible that we are more than body, and then experiment vigorously with personal effort for a tangible personal experience. So, human life is just a by product of so many forces interacting with each other, including but not limited to, cosmic mind, universal processes, individual soul all changing the scenery every microsecond. If you live on earth time scale you may enjoy sunset, but if you live on a billion year scale and are enormous as a galaxy you need to change the shape, function and behaviour of life forms as well to stay entertained. 
That’s what its about, entertainment. Hollywood/Bollywood have got it right ! 
In the business world any hugely successful organisation never used ‘profit’ as the lever or part of its strategy. The intense focus was always on some other value addition. E.g. John Mackey harbored an extreme left ideology, considering corporate profits, companies, chains of store as an evil form of capitalism. What is did is both a great business and remarkable stock market story.
Poor as a pauper, John and his girl friend founded a store in Texas, Austin. They worked 80-hour weeks, paid themselves salaries of $200 a month, lived in an office above the store and – since there was no shower or bathtub – “bathed” in the store’s dishwasher. “I’m pretty sure that violated several city health codes,” Mackey writes.
Despite working long, hard hours and living frugally, in the first year Mackey and his partner managed to lose more than half the capital entrusted to them – $23,000. Yet word of mouth continued to spread and customers flocked to the store. At least, they did until Memorial Day, 1981. That was the day Austin experienced its worst flood in 70 years. Mackey writes, “Our store was eight feet under water. All the equipment and inventory were destroyed; our losses were approximately $400,000. The flood basically wiped us out. We had no savings, no insurance, no warehoused inventory. There was no way for us to recover with our own resources; we were financially bankrupt.”Profit is Not a Product, It’s a By-Product
From the beginning, Mackey understood that profit is not a product. It’s a by-product. And it can only be sustained and increased over the long haul when business is conducted not like a battle between opposing forces but as a cooperative venture where everyone – except the competition – stands to gain.
“We believe that business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence, and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity.”
What he did was found Whole Foods Mart (WFM) which is a 10 Billion USD market cap company with very satisfied employees (ranked as 100 best places to work for).
Conclusion: In all cases it helps to pay beyond thinking beyond our own personal needs, whether seeking the Infinite or wanting to become a billionaire.


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