If we go by the above chart which shows how Raamdeo Agrawal’s made his 1000 Cr from 1987 to 2017 which is a 30 years period. Most of the bull run was for 5 years period wherein he multiplied his wealth by 10-30 times and the fall in his wealth ranged from 70% to 50%. If you notice, during early days his gains were move like 30-15 times and so as the intensity of fall from 50% to 70%.

From 2008 till today, he has multiplied his wealth by 6 times mainly because he might have moved into mid to large cap so the rise is nominal in a period of 9 years. Average fall in the market was 50%, so even if Sensex falls from 30K or from 40K, it is no doubt likely to come down to 20K kind of levels in next few months to year!

So, watch out for Sensex @ 20K to get into stock market with big bang!


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