• Keep your overheads to zero.
  • If you can operate from your house – better
  • Don’t show off. Stay & live simple. 
  • My mentor never changed his house of 33 years.
  • Spend money only where it is required. 
  • My mentor never spends money on flashy stuff for the office. Only basic stuff but yeah – the best technology
  • Buy for one – sell for two and sell fast
  • Cash in hand is better than more cash promised later
  • Use creativity in everything you do
  • Loyalty is better than talent
  • Get people who are loyal to you. Train them and make them the best.
  • Earn 100, Save 50, Invest 30 and live on 20
  • Everyday make sure you achieve your target
  • My mentor would never go home until he achieved his target
  • Time is money. Never waste it
  • Discipline is the key
  • My mentor always woke up at 5am no matter what time he slept
  • Never repeat the same mistake twice
  • You are as good as your savings.

– Loy Machedo


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