It is a busy Saturday afternoon in Indore, the most populous city of Madhya Pradesh. I am already running late for my meeting and referring to the traffic the auto driver tells me in a sarcastic tone, “Yahan Ram rajya hai Sir, Jo jahan se chaahe aa iata hai” (It’s an ideal world Sir, people are free to come from anywhere).
Due to the extension of my previous meeting and the traffic, I reach my destination couple of hours late and have already apologised on the phone about the delay. 
But as soon as I enter the office of Infobeans Technologies Ltd. in Crystal IT Park, I am greeted with a warm smile by its Country Head-Admin. I smile sheepishly and again apologise for being late.
This tall and well-built Country Head of Infobeans is 40 years old Pratap Nayudu, grandson of India’s first test cricket captain Col. CK Nayudu.  After the exchange of pleasantries, as expected the discussion moves to his grandfather. 


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